The City Council held a Town Hall Assembly to discuss proposed legislation and policy changes

The Town Hall Assembly serves as an open forum in alignment with the roles and responsibilities entrusted to the City Council.

The City Council of „The Hideout“ island successfully conducted a pivotal Town Hall Assembly on February 22, 2024, at 11:00 PM EST, at the Town Hall located at 7248.

The event, which was televised live on the city’s social network – Discord under the #Just-Chatting category, garnered significant attention and participation from the community.

The assembly, limited to 35 attendees with priority given to business owners and managers, served as an essential forum for citizens to engage with proposed legislation and policy changes that have been under discussion by the City Council.

A detailed breakdown of the proposed bills slated for voting was made available before in the channel: ⁠#constituent-chat.

Event Highlights:

  • The Councilors delivered concise introductions.
  • Comprehensive overviews of the proposed bills were provided by the respective Councilors who proposed them.
  • A dynamic Q&A session facilitated interaction between Business Owners, Government Officials, the General Public, and City Councilors.
  • Public votes by Councilors were taken on the proposed legislation.
  • New laws were read aloud, and they are now available for public review and familiarization.

Important Outcomes:

The City Council reiterates its commitment to upholding law and order within the community. During the assembly, strict adherence to legal protocol and decorum was observed.

Attendees were reminded of the zero-tolerance policy for breaches of law or disorderly conduct.

No persons were permitted inside the court house masked or in possession of any firearm, except law enforcement personnel.

The Town Hall Assembly stands as a testament to the City Council’s dedication to transparency, accountability, and community engagement.

The active participation of citizens reflects the shared commitment to shaping the future of our city through informed decision-making.

Thank you for your questions, suggestions or just information about the direction of our city. Your participation has been crucial in shaping the future of Los Santos. Thanks for participating!

Los Santos City Council

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